Study Models/ Gypsum Recycling


Study models are one of the only dental wastes that can be truly recycled.

When we send our models to the recycling plant they grind it down and then it is processed back into its powder form and reused to make plasterboard amongst other things.

When you are ready to dispose of your study models please make sure that where possible all the plastic or metal bases from them along with any other non gypsum items.

The small metal pins that hold the model to the base are not that important to get off as they are removed by the recycling machine as it grinds the models down.

I know that there is a need to remove ant identifying marks on the models such as names but if scraping them off is not an easy option then why not break the model with a hammer, that should stop anyone being able to identify the owner of the model.

We use a 20Ltr plastic bucket for the collection of the models as this is the heaviest weight allowed to be lifted under manual handling and therefore the most financially economic also.

If you ever have the need to remove a large amount of models then we will supply you with thick bags which can be put into a 240Ltr wheelie bin and then we charge by the bin rather than buckets, this normally saves the practice time and money.     

Study Models/ Gypsum Recycling