The Professional Hygiene Way

Dental Waste Service & How We Do IT

Professional Hygiene have in excess of 20 Years experience in handling Hazardous Waste produced by the Dental practices. We offer a full collection and disposal service in accordance with HTM 07- 01 and the Environment Agency. 

Once you have met with a consultant and agreed your waste frequency and pricing then thats when the transparency begins. The only items we charge for upfront are Annual Duty of Care fee, External bin rental (if needed) and Special Waste package.

All other wastes collected are charged for by the amount and when they are collected. This information is taken from the consignment note as we have to register the number(s) of items collected and on what day/ month.

All our prices include the supply, collection and disposal of bags, sharps etc.


Incineration and Alternative treatment are the 2 methods used to dispose of orange bags. How the waste is disposed of depends on the area it is collected from and the disposal plants available in those areas.


Sharps bins can only be incinerated. The different coloured sharps not only identify the waste but allows the incineration to be controlled so that the temperature in the oven doesn't drop below about 1000 degrees C.   


The frequency of your collections something that reflects the amount of waste you produce per week and the space you have to store or potentially store this amount. We always try to make the least amount of collections as each visit has a consignment note and that has financial consequences. 

Dental waste we deal with includes:

Orange Bags, Yellow Sharps bins, Blue Sharps bins, Purple lidded Sharps bins, Fixer, Developer, Lead foils, Amalgam Capsules, Waste Amalgam, Teeth with Amalgam, Amalgam Filters, Denaturing Kits, Out of Date Chemicals and lots more.

We can dispose of old equipment such as Autoclaves, Ultrasonic baths, Amalgamators, X-Ray equipment, Dental Chairs. 




The Professional Hygiene Way