Waste Identification


When you pass your waste to the waste collection company you haven't passed on your liability you have only shared it.

In HTM 07-01 there is a section, 5.25, outlining the practices responsibility to make sure that all containers should be tagged or labelled in a manner that identifies the individual producer (practice). This is likely to be required by disposal sites. 

We have been awarded contracts from customers that have been able to put a sticky label or write their postcode on the containers and bags with a marker pen. Both these methods are wrong. 

Each site that produces healthcare waste or requires a consignment note for the collection of their waste must have an individual identifying code which is called the premise code.

This is made up of 6 letters and 5 digits and looks like this   abcdef/12345. This is to make sure that the waste produced and disposed of can be linked back to the producer.

We always make this code up for youand use the first 6 letters of the practice name and the first 5 digits of the practice postcode.

We use this method as some sites can be mixed in with health centres or in a block of shops with other hazardous waste producers.

Our method is a white bag tie with a small panel on the end that the premise code can be written on in MARKER PEN.

We can also provide a black bag tie with the code and our name etched into the plastic for the larger producers. Both these ties are supplied at a small charge.    


Waste Identification
Bag Ties X100

Bag Ties X100

£8.32 (exc VAT) per 100