Dental Waste Service


Dental Waste

Professional Hygiene have 18 Years of experience in dealing with Hazardous Waste produced by the dental industry.  We offer a full collection and disposal service in accordance to HTM 07- 01 and the Environment Agency. 

As the dental practice’s responsibilities do not end when it hands its waste to a waste collector Professional Hygiene is a name you can trust.

We are always on hand to advise and guide the practice on such things as waste segregation.

Professional Hygiene help your practice to go greener. 


INCINERATION:  The orange bag waste that goes for incineration goes through energy to waste plants. Incineration process means there is only 5% residue left which becomes ash and unfortunately that has to go into landfill.

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT:  The orange bags that go for alternative treatment go thorugh a maceration and sterilisation process and the waste is then dried and becomes a product called FLOCK. This is then used at cement kilns as fuel and then goes to landfill. 

Dental waste we deal with includes:

Orange Bags, Yellow Sharps bins, Blue Sharps bins, Purple lidded Sharps bins, Fixer, Developer, Lead foils, Amalgam Capsules, Waste Amalgam, Teeth with Amalgam, Amalgam Filters, Denaturing Kits, Out of Date Chemicals and lots more.

We can dispose of old equipment such as Autoclaves, Ultrasonic baths, Amalgamators, X-Ray equipment, Dental Chairs. 

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Dental Waste Service
Az10 Amalgam Recyc. Cannister

Az10 Amalgam Recyc. Cannister

£99.00 (exc VAT) Each