Nappy Bin Disposal

BAMBINA is a 50 litre pedal operated nappy bin with a built in odour control system.Developed in response to market demand for a robust and aesthetically pleasing pedal operated bin, BAMBINA incorporates a host of practical features.

The unit has a large waste holding capacity while remaining compact, modern and attractive in design. It is pedal operated to ensure maximum hygiene and has a removable hygienic bin which protects the inside of the unit from soiling and can be removed for easy cleaning. A unique built in odour control system has also been incorporated to make it’s use more pleasant.

Cover designed to obscure contents of nappies from user.

·Plastic Liner can be quickly removed for cleaning.

·Capacity of container : 50 Litres

·Odour control feature.

·Foot pedal for hands-free operation



Nappy Bin Disposal