Water Management System

The ES50 urinal flush control has been extensively developed both in its software and design.

From the same people who created the UK's best selling unit, the ES50 is highly advanced and   incorporates more features than any of the competition which also makes operation and ownership easier. These benefits include a new sleek design, factory pre-set functions to save set-up time, water audit feature, integrated power & valve failure alarms and either    battery or mains operation.

The product hasalso been designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions and   includes many anti-tamper features within the robust design.


The ES50 has been designed to work with both Sanitized and Enzyme based urinal systems. 

The flush frequency can be adjusted from 1 flush per day to 300 flushes per day allowing the flush frequency to suit your washroom footfall and allow water saving.

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Water Management System