We cater to all industries that require disposal of sensitive information and client records.


Waste Collection Services

Confidential Waste has become a high priority in the dental industry since practices have been storing more information in a digital format.

The problem is that a lot of patient records have x-rays in them, and these are not good for shredding wastepaper.


Image of the bag service provided for confidential waste managementImage of the bin service provided to manage your confidential waste

How it works

We will supply you with plastic hessian sack(s) or for larger quantities a 240ltr wheelie bin and individual, uniquely numbered bag ties that are registered to you when they are delivered.  You will be charged up front for the service so you can fill them at your own pace. Ring us when the bag(s) are full and need collecting. They are returned to our waste transfer station and locked away until transported to our off-site shredding service. You will then receive a certificate of destruction to certify that confidential waste has been shredded and sent for recycling in accordance with instructions.


What can go in





Treasury Tags


What CAN’T go in

Ring Binders

Polythene Pockets

Thick Cardboard

Customer Compliance Assured

1. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – compliance by 25th May 2018)

2. Data Protection Act 1998 ‘Principle 7 compliant’

3. Shredding standards BSEN 15713 approved & vetted within ISO Audits 

4. ISO9001 & 14001 accredited 

5. Cerificate of Destruction issued 

6. All shredded material recycled