At Professional Hygiene, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere words – it’s ingrained in our actions. We continually explore products and services that promote sustainability while actively contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is not only evident in the range of sustainable products we supply but also in our collaborative efforts with Bristol City Council.

In support of the City’s clean air initiative, we’ve partnered with the Council, actively participating in the use of fully electric delivery vehicles. This strategic alliance underscores our commitment to sustainable practices that extend beyond our product offerings.

Furthermore, our responsibility doesn’t end with product choices. We ensure that every step of our waste management process aligns with ethical standards. None of our clinical and offensive waste finds its way to landfill sites. Instead, we adhere to a Waste to Energy process, reinforcing our commitment to environmentally friendly and responsible waste disposal practices. At Professional Hygiene, sustainability isn’t just a goal – it’s a way of doing business.

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

Waste tonnage diverted from landfill and turned into to energy

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Think before you toss! Before placing items into your tiger, orange, or yellow bag, consider whether they are recyclable. Glass, metal cans, paper, cardboard, and numerous plastics can be recycled, so we kindly request only non-recyclable waste in these bags.

Our dedicated vehicles collect the waste from your Yellow and Orange bags, transporting it to our Waste Transfer station or directly to the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). At the Waste Transfer Station, non-recyclable waste is bulked up and then delivered to the ERF, where it undergoes a transformation into fuel.

By following this conscientious waste disposal process, we collectively contribute to minimizing our environmental impact. Let’s make every toss count, ensuring that waste is either recycled or utilized responsibly as fuel in our Energy Recovery Facility. Together, we play a crucial role in creating a sustainable and cleaner future.

Our Waste to Energy Process

  1. The waste is burnt at a minimum of 850c
  2. Water is heated by the gases and turned into steam by heat exchange. This is then superheated to 400c
  3. The superheated steam drives the turbine which in turn drives a generator
  4. Power produced by the generator is exported to the electricity grid
  5. The steam is cooled and turned back to water by the condenser. This water is then used again and again in the same process
  6. The combustion gases are then treated and filtered


  • 7. Once cleaned and filtered the gases are released into the atmosphere via the flue stack (chimney). These emissions are continuously monitored
  • 8. The residue from the filters is collected and processed into aggregate for the construction industry
  • 9. The ash from the incinerator bed is collected and stored ready for processing and recycling
  • 10. Magnets separate the ferrous metals from the incinerator ash and are then recycled
  • 11. Once all the metals have been extracted, the remaining ash is treated and crushed to create an aggregate for the construction and road building industry.

Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products

Introducing our commitment to sustainable living through the distribution of the FIG range of eco-friendly products. As proud distribution agents, we bring you a range that includes bamboo paper towels and sugarcane toilet rolls, including the renowned “Sweet Cheeks” sugarcane toilet paper, available in 2-ply, 3-ply, and even luxurious 5-ply rolls.

Choosing sugarcane products presents numerous advantages:

1. **100% By-Product:** Derived solely from the by-products of the sugar cane plant, utilizing what remains after sugar extraction, minimizing waste.

2. **Rapid Growth:** Sugarcane boasts a remarkable growth cycle of a maximum of 11 months, in stark contrast to the 30 years required for trees, making it a more sustainable resource.

3. **Lower Carbon Footprint:** Sugarcane products, including our toilet rolls, contribute to a 64% lower carbon footprint compared to recycled paper, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

4. **Delicate Fibers, Soft Feel:** The softness of our sugarcane toilet paper is a result of the short, delicate fibers of the sugarcane plant, ensuring a gentle and comfortable user experience.

By choosing our sugarcane products, you’re not just making a choice for quality; you’re making a conscious decision for the environment. Experience the blend of sustainability and comfort with our FIG range – redefining eco-friendly living, one roll at a time.

Buy Sustainable Products
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Our Environment Policy

Professional Hygiene Ltd is committed to fostering good environmental practices, recognizing their essential role in the sustainability and positioning of our company, as well as that of our valued customers and suppliers. In alignment with this commitment, we have established and maintain an Environmental Management System in accordance with the standards set forth in ISO 14001-2004. Our environmental policy is outlined as follows:

1. **Compliance:** We pledge to consistently comply with all mandatory legal requirements governing our activities and processes, whether conducted at our head office in Bristol or client sites. Furthermore, we actively advocate for similar adherence to these standards among our suppliers and subcontractors, both on and off-site.

2. **Pollution Prevention and Emission Reduction:** Our primary objective is to continually reduce and, whenever feasible, prevent pollution. We are dedicated to minimizing carbon emissions resulting from our company’s activities and processes.

3. **Workforce Engagement:** We are committed to harnessing the full potential of our workforce by providing necessary training and cultivating a working environment that encourages safe and clean practices.

4. **Resource Efficiency:** We will monitor our activities and processes regularly to ensure the efficient utilization of natural resources. This includes identifying and controlling actual or potential sources of pollution, implementing emergency response procedures, and minimizing waste generation, environmental impact, and disturbances to our neighbors.

5. **Annual Performance Review:** On an annual basis, we will rigorously review the environmental performance of our company. This review will ensure ongoing compliance with legislative requirements and our environmental policy, identify areas for improvement, set specific objectives, and establish target dates for achievement.

In addition to prominently displaying and distributing this policy to all our employees, we are committed to making copies available, without prejudice, to any organizations or individuals upon request. At Professional Hygiene Ltd, we embrace a culture of environmental responsibility, striving for continuous improvement and the highest standards in our environmental management practices.

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