We offer genuine training, not a sales pitch, with practical solutions for better waste management and practice hygiene.

What do we provide?

We have constructed presentations for both Medical Waste and Hand Hygiene practices, in a lighthearted, yet very informative manner.


How does it work?

Each presentation lasts approx. 1 hour which could be done during a lunch hour, before or after work. The presentation takes place at your practice for up to 12 people.

Each attendee will get an electronic certificate for the training which is verifiable towards CPD.

The feedback received on the training has been overwhelming and we have been recommended to dental practices all around the UK.

The objective is by the end of the training session the delegate named over will competently and confidently be able:
  • To segregate clinical waste into the correct containers for disposal.
  • To manage clinical waste in a safe manner.
  • To understand the different classifications of waste in the practice.
  • To understand the practices obligations for recycling.
  • To identify where and why electrical items are recycled or destroyed.
  • To understand where clinical waste comes from.
  • To understand cross infection from pump soap dispensers.
  • To understand correct hand washing and sanitising procedure.
  • To understand the importance of hand drying.
  • To understand the use of gloves.


  • 1-1.9 Put patients interests first
  • 1- 6.6 Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients best interest
  • 1- 7.3 Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills